West Coast Hip-Hop Artists Meet For "A Day In The West"

It certainly wasn't just another day in the wild, wild west as a who's who of West Coast hip-hop artists appeared together in downtown Los Angeles last Thursday for an event billed "A Day In The West."

As we previously reported (see [article id="1431533"]"Snoop Dogg, Mack 10, Xzibit To Come Together For 'A Day In The West'"[/article]), the meeting was aimed at documenting and archiving the important role the West Coast has played in the development of hip-hop as the millennium draws to a close.

Among the artists who appeared in the photo were Dr. Dre, Yo-Yo, Black Eyed Peas, Warren G, Cypress Hill, E-40, J.J. Fad, Raphael Saadiq, W.C., Ant Banks, and Tone Loc. At the shoot, Snoop Dogg spoke to the MTV Radio Network about the importance of the project.

[article id="1443071"] "There's gonna be a lot of unity out of this project,"[/article] Snoop told the MTV Radio Network. [article id="1443071"] "A lot of love being spread,

a lot of people connecting, shaking hands, touching bases with people they never thought that they could meet. 'Cause the West Coast was based on cliques and labels and different segments, and now, it's like, we tired of all that, man. Let's come together and be one.... We don't need to be sectioned off no more. Because when we in sections and cliques, we don't go nowhere." [RealAudio][/article]

It seems that hip-hop is getting a little sentimental as the end of the millennium approaches; this is the second time in two years that an all-star cast of hip-hop talent has congregated for a group photograph. Last year, a number of (mostly) East Coast hip-hop acts got together for a similar purpose, as they updated the 1958 photo "A Great Day In Harlem" (see [article id="1428411"]"Jermaine Dupri, Salt N' Pepa, Wu Tang Clan, Others To Update 'A Great Day In Harlem'"[/article]). The original "Great Day In Harlem" depicted a number of jazz greats.

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