'Smurfs 2' Trailer Is ... As Smurfing Smurfy As You Expected

The word "smurf" is so versatile. It's kind of like aloha, except you can use it to secretly swear at someone. So when we say that the first trailer for the upcoming animated film "The Smurfs 2" is just as incredibly smurfy as you might expect, well, we could mean pretty much anything by that.

Hey, it's got Katy Perry and Neil Patrick Harris in it, so how smurfy could it really be?

Actually, the answer, surprisingly, is that it's still pretty damn smurfy. That's due in part to the story, which involves Gargamel (Hank Azaria) creating his own race of naughty smurfs called, well, the Naughties. Led by Christina Ricci, they corrupt Smurfette into doing some seriously smurfy things. Oh no! Or... wait, is that oh, yes? We've confused the smurf out of ourselves.

Well, whatever. Whether you smurf them or totally smurf them, here's the new trailer for "The Smurfs 2," courtesy of YouTube. Smurf's up!

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