Madonna Defends Controversial Nazi Tour Imagery

Queen of Pop says her use of swastikas is a commentary on 'growing intolerance' around the world.

Another day, another Madonna tour-related headline. As Madge's MDNA Tour travels the globe, the singer has been making waves, whether it's flashing her [article id="1687517"]naughty bits to the audience[/article] or because she's using controversial imagery.

But in an interview with a Brazilian TV station, the singer made no apologies for including a Nazi swastika in her show. She explained that the image supports her message, according to E! News.

"There seems to be a growing intolerance around the world. In Greece, France, everywhere, people are trying to kick out all the immigrants, make people cover up and not show what their religious affiliation is. Think about what's going on in Russia towards the gay community," Madonna said. "I'm calling attention to that intolerance and asking people to pay attention, to wake up to see how we are just creating more chaos in the world."

The image is used in a video montage that plays onstage during her track "Nobody Knows Me." While officials in France had been upset by the inclusion of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen in the video, it also includes Sarah Palin, President Hu Jintao of China and Pope Benedict XVI. France's far-right party has said they would sue Madge for Le Pen's appearance in the clip. (Earlier this year, Marine's father, the National Front founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was found guilty of condoning war crimes. He had said that the Nazi occupation of France had "not been particularly inhumane.")

The Queen of Pop added that the symbol is a part of her art. "Art is there to track what's going on in the world," she said, "to make social commentary."

Madonna found herself in hot water after she played the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, last week. According to a report, the singer had been asked to remove choreography that included a gun in the [article id="1690388"]wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado[/article]. She kept it in the routine thought and now, local police deny they ever made the request.

"Media reports which said police had advised her not to include firearms and weapons during her performance were incorrect," Edinburgh's Lothian and Borders Police said. "In fact the event Commander, Superintendant Craig Naylor, said that the props used by Madonna were no different to the type of props which will be seen at many of the Edinburgh festival venues during the month of August. Therefore no penalties will be faced."

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