Tom Hiddleston And Benedict Cumberbatch Had The Most Jolly Good British Chat Ever

Not endorsed by Her Royal Highness the Queen, just FYI

Fact: The only thing that would make this Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston conversation more English would be to have them wear matching Union Jack–printed jumpers as Jamie Oliver serves them tea and crumpets with Adele blasting in the background.

As that didn't happen during their chat for the latest issue of Interview, we'll say this is one of the most British things to ever happen — and definitely one of the most British things to take place in a dimension of the Marvel universe.

In addition to saying things like “you've got a great reputation as a cineaste” (Cumberbatch, to Hiddleston) and “I first met him in Kenneth Branagh's house in England in 2009” (Hiddleston regarding his Thor: Ragnarok costar, Chris Hemsworth), the two discussed their current projects, which involve three of the biggest blockbusters we're set to see in the next year: the next Thor flick, Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange, and Kong: Skull Island, which had Hiddleston jetting off to Vietnam for filming. They also got deep about the intricacies of cinema, gushing about Stanley Kubrick and the genius of the filmmakers of the '70s, and philosophical, too, ruminating on fatherhood and regret and Hamlet.

Cumberbatch brought the conversation back to routine, asking Hiddleston how he stays grounded and finds his center after he's been hard at work on a project. He said he just goes back to London to recalibrate: “I just potter about and catch up, go for coffee, and read the paper and hang out with my mum and dad.”

Yup. Suuuuper British.

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