David O. Russell Says 'Uncharted' Will 'Have Sex, Romance'

'Maybe Eva Mendes? Scarlett Johansson?' star Mark Wahlberg guesses to MTV News about possible female leads.

In case it was still unclear judging by the numerous comments David O. Russell has made in recent months about "Uncharted," he's just not interested in making your older brother's video-game movie. But while the [article id="1658817"]Oscar-nominated director[/article] has irked some fans by suggesting he may eschew certain aspects of the gaming story, he promises at least one thing won't be lost in transition: the edge.

MTV News caught up with the "Fighter" director on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday (February 27), and he seemed sure "Uncharted," which he called "a really dope [story about a] crime family in the world of antiquities and art," would be PG-13. But that doesn't mean he won't push the boundaries of the rating as far as it can possibly go.

"I don't know if they'll let me make an R-rated video-game movie. It'll have to be PG-13. [But] there's gonna be romance and sex, otherwise I'm not interested, I promise," Russell laughed. "I'll show as much skin and as much language [as possible]. I hope they push the limits. I heard they're gonna push it a little bit."

All of that sex and romance probably won't be coming from rumored co-stars Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, however. Instead, some sultry women will take on those duties, Russell teased. But who could those women be?

"Maybe Eva Mendes? Scarlett Johansson?" Mark Wahlberg surmised to MTV News during our red-carpet interview.

Originally conceived as a series of video games for the PlayStation 3 console, "Uncharted" follows treasure hunter Nate Drake on a series of Indiana Jones-style adventures around the world. Russell plans to fully explore where he can take that story, but he'll stop short of taking it into another dimension.

"They say it makes an immersive environment. I believe in the immersive environment of Martin Scorsese," Russell insisted when asked if he was considering 3-D. Then he stopped himself, admitting, "[Scorsese] just made a 3-D movie ['Hugo Cabret'], so I guess that shuts my mouth!"

Joining Mark Wahlberg in the flick may be two of Scorsese's heaviest hitters. Asked about rumored performances by Academy Award winners Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, Russell would only say, "Hopefully."

"He wrote the parts for De Niro and Pesci," Wahlberg told us.

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