Donald Trump Is No Bill Pullman As Aliens Invade 'Saturday Night Live'

Also, Scarlett Johansson joins the Five-Timers Club

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live last night (March 11) to play Donald Trump in a sketch inspired by Independence Day, in which aliens have invaded and attacked Earth and the president is called on to give a speech to rally the troops. Instead, Trump talks about crowd sizes, his electoral college victory, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and, well, the usual.

Scarlett Johansson hosted the episode, joining SNL's Five-Timers Club in an episode in which she portrayed Ivanka Trump, a ninja, and an anglerfish mermaid. (No "Marble Columns," though.)

Here are some of the night's top sketches:

Ivanka Trump's New Perfume Line, "Complicit"

This commercial parody for a perfume line from Ivanka Trump is simple, yet vicious; named "Complicit," it goes in on Ivanka with only a few sharp jokes ("A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women. But like … how?") and a Billy Zane–related insult for the ages.

Al Franken and Jeff Sessions Visit "Weekend Update"

This week also featured Kate McKinnon returning with her Gumpian impression of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an appearance at the "Weekend Update" desk, joined by Alex Moffat playing a straitlaced version of senator and former SNL writer Al Franken. McKinnon's Sessions impression is way more fun than the actual man, but the show makes sure to recognize how dangerous the real Sessions is, capping the sketch with McKinnon adding, "I might talk cute, but I am very scary."

Local News Mix-Up

This was an episode of SNL that featured a few funny sketches that had nothing to do with current events, including this remarkably silly sketch about a local news broadcast accidentally introducing an animal photographer as an animal pornographer. Chaos and dozens of wildly inappropriate double entendres ensue.

Olive Garden Video Shoot Goes Off The Rails

A shoot for an Olive Garden ad campaign in which Kenan Thompson spends half the sketch with his face buried in a bowl of pasta.

SNL takes a break until April 8, when they'll have host Louis C.K. and musical guest The Chainsmokers.

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