Russell Crowe told Rebel Wilson to F**k Off!

First the phone throwing incident, now this? Russell, why can't you just play nice?

Rebel Wilson, the hilarious star of "Pitch Perfect" and subject of pretty much every awesome GIF known to Tumblr made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she talked about hosting the upcoming MTV Movie Awards...and about the time she met Russell Crowe.

Caution: Awkwardness ahead!

As she told Leno, Wilson won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship a few years back when she studied at the Australian Theatre for Young People, which allowed her to go to New York and study comedy. When she spotted Kidman out to dinner with Crowe in Sydney, she thought she had finally gotten her chance to thank Kidman. Kismet!

But before she even got the chance, Russell crowed something not so nice.

Aca-scuse me?!

First she was like:

But now she's famous so she's like:

Watch Rebel tell the story herself:

We'd imagine that right about now, Russell is eating Crowe. Oopsie.