Dylan O'Brien Just Out J-Lawed J-Law With This 'Maze Runner' Tweet

Really though, Jennifer Lawrence WOULD make a great Griever.

We learned many important pop culture things in 2014. Like how Germany is very good at soccer, for example, and how John Travolta is not very good at pronouncing the names of Broadway celebrities.

But the most important thing we learned, at least in Jennifer Lawrence-land, is that she's the official celebrity queen of the photobomb, often at the most wonderfully inappropriate times. MTV News has already played a hand in the J-Law photobomb meme game, but our own "Teen Wolf" star Dylan O'Brien just totally won this game, "Hunger Games" style, with his latest tweet:

For those who aren't familiar with James Dashner's "Maze Runner" book series -- O'Brien is starring in the upcoming film adaptation, of course -- the Grievers are these crazy, biomechanical killing machines that populate the titular Maze at night, terrifying the group of boys who live adjacent to it ("Gladers").

Fox has purposefully kept the film's Griever-monsters mostly hidden in the trailers for the film, which is why it's pretty damn hilarious that O'Brien (and Instagram user @maze_runner_spanish) has officially "outed" J-Law as a Griever using her infamous Taylor Swift photobomb. You win again, Stilinski.

"The Maze Runner" hits theaters on September 19.