We Recreated Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser's Wedding In 13 'Gilmore Girls' And 'Mad Men' GIFS

It's almost exactly not really like being there.

Hooray for Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser getting married in secret earlier this summer! But boo, boooooo!, for there being no photos anywhere of the happy couple's nuptials.

And by "anywhere," of course, we mean "anywhere that we can feast our greedy little eyes upon them," since peeping at celebrity weddings is the sole source of joy in our cold, dark lives.

But no matter. Thanks to Alexis' and Vincent's respective roles on two very long-running television shows -- "Gilmore Girls" and "Mad Men" -- we've been able to more or less recreate in GIFs what their wedding would have looked like. Crack open a bottle of bubbly for this dramatization of the happy couple's beautiful trip down the aisle!

1. For starters: it would have to have been an evening ceremony, for obvious reasons.

2. How did Alexis feel about her wedding gown? Probably not like this.

3. As for the guests, the dress code was probably a bit more relaxed.

4. After saying their vows, the couple concluded the ceremony with a nice, tasteful kiss.

5. Then, up came their friends and family for some thoughtful wedding toasts...

6. ...which would have probably made the groom emotional. And lumpy.

7. And then, dancing!

8. And drinking!

9. And dancing!

10. And drinking!

11. And then, with the night winding down, off to the honeymoon suite.

12. Where the happy couple will... um. Ahem. YOU KNOW.

13. Bonus: Actual footage of Vincent the morning after.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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