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11 Reasons You Wish You Lived In Halloweentown

The mortal world is sooo overrated.

Nope, we're not talking about the Halloween Town from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," as amazing as that movie was. We're talking about Disney Channel's 1998 movie "Halloweentown" and its three subsequent sequels that followed the long history of the Cromwell family of witches.

To jog your memory, Halloweentown was literally a town where the residents were skeletons, vampires, werewolves, trolls ... you get the idea. These creatures used to live alongside humans thousands of years ago, but when humans began persecuting them out of fear, they formed their own separate space -- called Halloweentown, obviously -- in an alternate universe to protect themselves.

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The thing is, humans had no reason to be scared of these creatures, who weren't technically human but still had very human-like feelings and emotions. Halloweentown, when it wasn't being attacked by evil villains like that jerk Kalabar, would have been an AWESOME place to live.

Here are all the reasons you wished you could board a magical flying bus and land in Halloweentown:

Because Aggie Cromwell is your spirit animal

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A grandmother who's one of the most famous witches in history and can make pretty much anyone do anything for her? Yes, please.

Because everyone is friendly and welcoming

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The ghosts and goblins of Halloweentown were insanely nice to Marnie Piper and her younger siblings Dylan and Sophie during their first visit, and they happily welcomed the Pipers back with open arms in the sequels. There really was nothing to be scared of after the initial shock wore off.

Because you, like any mere mortal, want to fly

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Give me a magical broomstick, stat. I'm sure steering this thing will be easier than trying to parallel park an SUV.

Because there's an abundance of pumpkins

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It's pumpkin spice season ALL YEAR LONG in Halloweentown. Enough said.

Because you want to tell Benny just how bad his jokes are

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Or at least give him some better jokes to tell before he scares away all his customers -- because of his terrible puns, not because he's a skeleton. Duh.

Because the whole town embraces weirdness

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Anything goes

Anything goes in Halloweentown. Nobody judges you for saying quirky things, rocking neon pink hair or having two heads. Awesome.

Because Halloweentown has its own college

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You can live in Halloweentown AND get an excellent education in witchcraft. That would totally convince your parents.

Because magic makes cooking the easiest thing ever

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You can snap your fingers and BAM! There's some chicken. You'd never have to eat ramen again.

Because cute boys hang out in Halloweentown

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They may have secretly been goblins or whatever, but they were still cute and your preteen self was into it.

Because you're too lazy to carry stuff

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When you're a witch, you can bewitch your bag to follow you around like a loyal dog. Now you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your purse behind, or get an aching shoulder from an overstuffed tote. Aggie's purse was also magically bottomless and could carry an infinite number of knickknacks -- where can I get one?

Because you NEEDED to find Kimberly J. Brown for the fourth movie

Yik Yak

New actress

I like to pretend KJB was too busy fighting bigger and badder Halloweentown villains to star in the last movie. Sara Paxton, I'm sure you're a fine actress and all, but only Kimberly can play the role of Marnie. When Disney Channel randomly changed the starring actress in the series -- the STARRING actress, c'mon -- nothing was ever the same in Halloweentown.

BTW, in case you've been wondering about this for the past eight years like I have, here's what Kimberly herself had to say on the subject: