Young Jeezy Signs 'Ghetto Superstars' Doughboyz Cashout To CTE: Watch Now!

Snowman announces he's signed Detroit's HBK, Payroll, Doughboy Quis and Doughboy Dre to his CTE record label.

Young Jeezy's reputation as a hustle-centric, street-bred rapper has been long cemented, but the Snowman is continually looking to prove that he can be one of the game's most respected executives as well. On Wednesday night, rap's chief Thug Motivator took one step closer when he announced that he signed Detroit rap group Doughboyz Cashout to his Atlantic-distributed CTE record label.

"I saw Detroit, I saw some kids that did all the work. They did all the work and I just wanted to show the world what they were working on," Jeezy said of Doughboyz when he phoned in to WJLB 97.9 in Detroit last night and broke the news with DJ Blast. "Detroit bred some great hustlers, some great talent from Eminem to Big Sean, but now it's time for the ghetto superstars. The world gotta see this."

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Doughboyz Cashout is made up of members HBK, Payroll, Doughboy Quis and Doughboy Dre. Together they've made a name for themselves in Detroit's local hip-hop scene with mixtapes like last summer's The Tester, which featured fan favorite "Good Ass Day."

To mark the signing, Jeezy jumped on a remix to Doughboyz' 2012 street track "Mob Life." "Doughboyz Cashout, it's the world how I feel/ Bulletproof the Corvette, Cartier the windshield," Young rhymes to toast the new deal.

"I want to congratulate them and welcome them to the CTE family. We about to take this over, we're about to run the summer," he said in the interview. "They got a real major record label, a record deal. You gotta commend them for that."

Check Out Video Of Doughboyz Cashout Signing Their Deal With Jeezy (Warning: NSFW)