Fergie's First Big Movie Is A Disaster -- And She Loves It

Peas singer currently shooting remake of 'The Poseidon Adventure.'

BURBANK, California -- For her first major feature film role, Black Eyed Peas singer Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson picked a rather big project. Actually, more like a colossal project.

Dwarfed by a massive, ransacked, topsy-turvy ballroom, the 30-year-old singer-turned-actress is sporting some bloody gashes and bruises for her role in the epic disaster flick "Poseidon" -- and she's stoked.

"In the film, when the ship turns over, I get pretty bashed up," she told MTV News during an exclusive visit to the film's monstrous set, which features the largest indoor water tank in the world. "I've got this dirt going on here, and it's the first time I've been all bloody and gashed up, and I like it."

Fergie, who had a bit part as herself in last year's "Be Cool," is tackling her first major film role in "Poseidon," a remake of 1972's "The Poseidon Adventure" starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine and Shelley Winters. This modern version tracks the fall of a luxury ocean liner that capsizes from a monstrous tidal wave, leaving its survivors scrambling to escape from the sinking ogre. The film, slated for release next year, is helmed by German-bred filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen ("Troy", "The Perfect Storm") and boasts a fresh ensemble cast including Josh Lucas ("Stealth," "Sweet Home Alabama"), Emmy Rossum ("Phantom of the Opera"), Jacinda Barrett ("Ladder 49"), Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss and Andre Braugher as the ship's captain.

"I love Andre," Fergie said. "Our back story is we have a special kind of secret relationship going on, so I'm in a lot of scenes with him. He's very, very good to work with. I also get to do my first real bit of dramatic acting, which is good. ... I'm learning a lot of things [that] I didn't know before coming on."

In the film, Fergie tackles the role of Gloria, a singer on the luxury liner during its New Year's Eve festivities. "My character is completely diva-fied -- a lot more diva-ish than I am, as you can see with the big gown with the feathers here," Fergie said, showcasing her fitted red-sequined ball gown. "It's quite a fun character."

The singer will perform two musical numbers in the film: the Latin number "Bailamos" and the tear-jerking ballad "I Won't Let You Fall," co-written by her and her Peas mate Will.I.Am. "[It's] a very dramatic song, going with the theme of the movie," she explained. "You know, it's life or death and you're seeing people die right in front of your eyes. The stakes are very high."

While the film is considered a remake of "The Poseidon Adventure," it will incorporate a fresh twist on a few primary elements. "These are different characters who have different storylines," Fergie said. "It's a new story about these different people from different worlds coming together for a cause; to try and [survive] this horrible disaster."

The blossoming starlet believes the plot will strike a chord. "I think it's a great time for this theme to come back," she said, "because people really know that these things can happen, these rogue waves and natural disasters and there's nothing you can do to predict it. It's just there."

Fergie has been pulling double duty while simultaneously shooting "Poseidon" in Los Angeles and then jetting cross-country to promote the Peas' latest LP, Monkey Business, and its latest single, "Don't Lie" (see [article id="1505570"]"Black Eyed Peas Put Two In A Pod With Simultaneous Singles"[/article]).

This week, Fergie will also join the Peas for a couple of California gigs before heading to the East Coast, where they'll perform with Dave Matthews on July 31 in New York. Finally, the Peas will open for the Rolling Stones as they perform at Fenway Park in Boston on August 21 and 23.

"I treasure my sleep very much now," the busy singer joked. "It's hard because I give everything to the band and we just came off the Canadian tour and that went amazing, but when I'm coming back here [to the set] it's a completely different life and I have to give myself fully to this, so I'm working two jobs right now, but it's cool. I love giving myself fully to something."

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