Brie Larson Starred In A Disney Channel Original Movie And Now Your Mind Is Blown

How did we miss this?!

Brie Larson is no noob when it comes to the film world, having acted since she was a kid. While today she's known for her poignant portrayal as Ma in "Room" and her comedic timing in "Trainwreck" and "21 Jump Street," one movie in Larson's arsenal seems to have fallen through the cracks of people's memories.

In 2003, Larson starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Right On Track," sporting long brown hair and an "eff your gender norms" attitude. She played real-life drag racer Courtney Enders while "7th Heaven" star Beverley Mitchell played her sister Erica.

Blast from the past, right? For those of you who don't remember the plot of this old school gem, the Enders sisters fight for their right to compete in the male-dominated world of drag racing. Did they succeed? Spoiler: Yes.

As mentioned earlier, the film is based on real life sisters Erica and Courtney Enders, two strong, determined women who didn't take "no" for an answer. They proved themselves to be dexterous drag racers and even *gasp* beat the boys. According to an article from espnW, the Ender sisters won two national championships each, and haven't slowed down since.

In fact, Erica was the first woman to become champion of the Pro Stock class in 2014 and Courtney has "four national wins this season and a second-place ranking in the standings." Clearly, the girls are on ???.

Larson-as-Courtney was the younger sister, with enough sass to outshine the entire cast of "Mean Girls."

Besides just being a good movie, this film was monumental for young girls everywhere. It proved being a girl and being a drag racing badass weren't mutually exclusive. Plus, the Enders' story is TRUE, which makes it all the more important. "Right on Track" is definitely one of Disney Channel's more feminist movies, and one that all girls need to see. Even if you don't want to be a drag racer, the message of the film is crystal clear: You can do anything you want, no matter your gender.

Who run the world? Girls. Who race past boys, leaving them to drown in their own tears because they lost? Also girls.

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