'The Fault In Our Stars' Author Really Likes Makeup. Like, A Lot

He's so fancy. You already know.

Apparently, "The Fault In Our Stars" author John Green really likes wearing makeup. So much so that he took to YouTube to post an entire video in which he sings its praises.

"When I was younger, I basically thought women wore makeup for men, which speaks to a sick and very deep part of the patriarchy in which men imagine that women orient themselves toward attracting men instead of having, like, meaning and pleasure inside their own lives that has nothing to do with dudes," Green said in the video.

After wearing makeup himself, however -- for TV appearances and whatnot because he's a big star now -- Green changed his tune.

“When I wear makeup, I genuinely don’t derive pleasure from thinking about how I’ll look to people watching me," he said. "I just like the way I look; it makes me happy.” He also opines that it feels nice to touch your face "gently and kindly."

You do you, John. You do you.

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