Would Kenneth Branagh Come Back For More 'Harry Potter'?

Magical him.

With reporting by Nicole Pajer

The last film in the original "Harry Potter" series may have bowed four years ago, but the magical franchise is far from dead. Hogwarts textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is being filmified as a trilogy about herbologist Newt Scamander's life, but the scarcity of information about the pending movie is leaving a lot of room for speculation about old faces from the series making repeat performances.

MTV News caught up with the most vain Defense Against the Dark Arts professor in recent history, Gilderoy Lockhart himself (Kenneth Branagh, as he's known to Muggles) at a press day ahead of the release of "Cinderella," which Branagh directed.

Would Branagh be willing to wield a wand once more, if asked by the film wizards at Warner Bros.? The answer was a resounding "yeah!"

"They'd have to lock me out of the studio if there's even a chance for that," Branagh said. He had even more suggestions, including de-ageing himself for the movie. "Now the world of CGI is so helpful, I could be exactly the same age or younger! Which is a very Gilderoy Lockhart kind of thing, I think he'd prefer that," he said.

Check out the clip above to hear more about Branagh's ideas for the new movie, as well as the most surprising place he's found "Potter" fans.

"Cinderella" hits theaters March 13.

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