B2K Members Deny Hiring Brandy's Brother To Replace Omarion

'Ray J's just a part of our family,' J-Boog says at 'You Got Served' premiere.

HOLLYWOOD -- Ray J, Brandy's younger brother, is not replacing Omarion in B2K after all.

At Thursday's premiere of the group's first movie, "You Got Served," J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil Fizz denied reports made by their business partners Monday (see [article id="1484606"]"Brandy's Brother Joining B2K, Group's Business Partners Say"[/article]).

"No, Ray J's just a part of our family," J-Boog said as he rushed by reporters on the red carpet.

Suspense and drama were rampant at the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theatre -- and that was before the movie began. The event marked the first time Omarion was in the same room as his former B2K members since the group announced his departure a few weeks ago (see [article id="1484233"]"Omarion Calls B2K Breakup 'A Real Sad Situation' "[/article]).

Omarion, in sunglasses and jeans, arrived first, walking the red carpet with brother and co-star Marques Houston, dressed to the nines in a plaid gray suit. As the duo quickly jumped from one reporter to another, the couple hundred fans lined up along Hollywood Boulevard continued screaming, some chanting "B2K!"

"We're trying to be the next Will [Smith] and Martin [Lawrence]," the two said simultaneously. They will next appear together in "Crazy House" and recently auditioned together for the upcoming "Fat Albert" movie (see [article id="1484652"]"Omarion In Talks For Role In 'Fat Albert' Movie"[/article]). "I play the captain of the football team, and he plays a freshman," Houston said of "Crazy House," a horror movie due out around Halloween.

Chris Stokes, B2K's former manager and the director of "You Got Served," arrived next, minutes before the screening was to begin, and was the first to deny the Ray J reports. "I don't believe it's true," he said. "We hope that it's not. I just want the guys to know that I love them. Guys, take care and make sure to look out for those who are in your ears."

Stokes also publicly addressed for the first time claims by J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil Fizz that he failed to pay the singers money they were owed. "Well, all of that is false," he said. "That's why I still have Omarion [as a client], because him and his mother went in and checked all the books and records and saw that I never took anything from the guys."

J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil Fizz arrived minutes later, prompting more screams from the crowd and some looks from Omarion and Stokes. All five of the guys kept a wandering eye on each other but never spoke or posed for any pictures together.

The remaining B2K singers cruised by reporters especially fast, spilling sound bites, but mostly avoiding questions. "This feels good," Raz-B said. "It's a dream come true. The movie's out in the theaters. B2K standing strong."

Before entering to catch the movie, Stokes predicted it would open at #1 and said he has numerous other films in development.

When asked if he would continue acting, J-Boog said, as he was entering, "Hopefully."

Others who turned out for the movie included several breakdancing crews, lesser known B2K-like singing groups, "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, 3LW's Adrienne Bailon and singer/actress Haylie Duff. "I'm filming with these guys in March, so I came out to support everybody," the latter, who will appear in "Crazy House," said (see [article id="1484672"]"Can't Get Enough Duff? Get Ready To Meet Haylie"[/article]).

Meagan Good, the "Biker Boyz" beauty who co-stars in "You Got Served," arrived after it had begun, but not for lack of excitement.

"This movie has a bunch of different storylines, something every teenager can relate to," she said. "A little bit of love, dealing with an older brother, friends not getting along. The whole dance thing is the best part, though, because we don't have a 2000 version of 'Breakin',' and that's what this is."

As for her co-stars, she added, "They really came to the set as real actors and they just brought their best game; they didn't come as B2K," she said. "I was pleasantly surprised."

"You Got Served" opens Friday (January 30).

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