Kendall Jenner’s New Job Puts Her Behind The Camera

Oh, she also goes by one name now

It seems hard to believe that in between walking on, like, every runway on Earth, covering magazine after magazine, and starring in campaigns left and right, that Kendall Jenner would have time to add another gig to her résumé. But that's exactly what she did.

Yep, Kendall is a photographer now.

On Instagram, Kendall unveiled a photo of Kaia Gerber — Cindy Crawford's daughter, for those not keeping up with the offspring of supermodels — that she snapped for Love Magazine. It's for the same issue of Love that Kendall's BFF, Cara Delevingne, covers. Also, according to Kaia's Instagram caption, Kendall, the photographer, is just going by one name.

Kris Jenner instilled a hell of a work ethic in her daughters, huh?

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