The Twi-Fight Saga: It's Edward Vs. Bella!

After five rounds of voting, it's down to the immortal loves in MTV News' quest to name the #1 'Twilight' character.

What began as 64 of Stephenie Meyer's vampires, werewolves and humans battling for the title of #1 "Twilight" character has -- round by hard-fought round -- been reduced to a single face-off between two of the series' most beloved bloodsuckers.

Final Four voting in MTV News' epic Twi-Fight Saga concluded Thursday (November 8), and one needn't possess Alice's prescient powers to have seen this one coming: Immortal loves Bella and Edward will fight to the finish in the Championship Round.

Five ferocious face-offs have been no match for the dynamic duo. Edward easily dispatched with Amazonian Kebi, Volturi guard Alec, nomadic vampire Peter, surrogate mother Esme and Denali coven member Kate to earn his spot in the finals, while lady love Bella undid Romanian Stefan, mom Renee, Romanian Vladimir, dad Charlie and brother-in-law Jasper to advance. (Though it should be noted, her margins were not as wide as Edward's.)

And now, in a twist that the series' author herself never would have subjected fans to, the once star-crossed soul mates will be divided by the showdown that is The Twi-Fight Saga.

Who will win? Well, it's all up to you! Head on over to Twi to cast your ballot now. Voting will continue through Monday, November 12, when the #1 "Twilight" character will be announced!

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