Kevin Smith Says View Askewniverse Won't Be Mentioned In 'Zack and Miri'

Well, for a little while anyway.

We covered the bases with Smith in our latest chat about “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” over on, including information on who gets naked, what Smith took from his fight with the MPAA, and how much he let Seth Rogen improvise. But we wanted to know where in the Rogen and Elizabeth Banks starrer could we expect to see a “View Askewniverse” Easter Egg, even a fleeting nod to some of his older works.

Turns out, nowhere.

“We don’t need put a foot in both worlds,” Smith said. “This is a different thing.”

Sure, we didn’t expect a Jay and Silent Bob cameo (not least of all because Jason Mewes is starring in the film as a different character), but not even a little nod?

“Nothing, not even like a little wink,” Smith said. “There’s a moment where we needed to showcase a pack of cigarettes at one point. I don’t even think it wound up in the final cut. And our designer who’s been on almost every movie with us was like, ‘Should we use Nails?’ And I was like no, find some fake movie cigarette brand.”

What do you think? Is Smith smart to separate “Zack and Miri” entirely from the View Askewniverse? Or would you have liked to see a couple mentions? Sound off below.

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