23 Ways To Turn Your Thanksgiving Into A 'Friends' Episode

'Happy needless turkey murder day!'

Fellow "Friends" fanatics, we can definitely quibble about which significant other was the best (Janice, obviously), whether Phoebe and Joey were the *real* lobsters of this group, and whether a spin-off should ever happen again after the womp that was "Joey," but the one thing we will always agree upon is the fact that this show produced the best Thanksgiving-centric episodes the TV world has ever known.

And if you're looking to really spice up your Thanksgiving this year, we've got a few ideas for how you can incorporate your real friends (yes, we do mean Mon, Rach, Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebes) into the day and either delight or confuse the hell out of everyone in your party, depending on their cultural awareness of all things Apartment 20 (formerly 5).

Show up late and get your head stuck in the door first thing.


Late Friends THanksgiving

It doesn't really matter if it's even locked. Just make this visual happen somehow.

Make sure you wear your stretchiest maternity eating pants.


Friends Joey Maternity Pants Thanksgiving

After all, "jeans have no give" and this meal is now your personal Everest.

Also bring a wearable turkey head and proceed to shake it for bae.


Friends Thanksgiving Monica Turkey Head

Also an option? Scare someone with it.

Make a side dish of some of that "righteous mac and cheese."


Righteous mac and cheese

Make sure you call it that every time you refer to it and correct people when they forget to do so as well.

Share your most cringe-worthy Thanksgiving Day memories.


More TUrkey Mr Chandler

The more embarrassing the better.

Get SRSLY confused about a piece of vocab and watch how others react.


Moo point thanksgiving episode

It'll be muuuch funnier (for you, at least) if you actually know what you're saying is wrong. Try that.

Whip out a "priceless family heirloom" that makes no sense whatsoever.


weird family heirlooms thanksgiving episode friends

Remember, you CHERISH this thing.

Make everyone sit in a semi-circle around just one side of the table and see if anyone complains.


table with one side open thanksgiving friends

If they do, tell 'em this is the optimal position for the cameras. That's when things'll get really weird.

Put a marshmallow up someone's nose.


Marshmallows nose THanksgiving Episode Friends

Probably best to keep him/her away from the pie mix.

Refuse to help out but don't even bother with excuses.


Dont want to help Friends Thanksgiving

Unless it's that you're watching "the game" between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Mermen.

Make someone lay in a box.


Live In a Box Thanksgiving Episode Friends

Whoever needs to "do some thinkin'" in your group, that's who has to spend some quiet time in the box.

Play rock paper scissors with a few key additions.


Rock Paper Scissors Friends Thanksgiving Episode

Fire beats all three, but water balloon beats fire. BOOM.

Make a big BIG deal about the cranberry sauce.


Cranberry sauce Thanksgiving Friends Episode

Treat the cranberry sauce like it's the centerpiece of the whole meal.

Spill a sibling's secret in front Mom and Dad.


Family Confessions Thanksgiving Friends Episode

Make sure it's a jaw-dropper and be prepared for the retaliatory reveal 'cause this could get ooogly.

Do this carrot-knife shimmy when someone least expects it.


Knife and Carrot dance Friends Thanksgiving Episode

Probably best to try not to cut off someone's toe, though. And if you do, make sure you grab the toe and not a carrot on the way to the hospital. Or don't and re-name 'em "Sir Limps-A-Lot."

Make a horrible dessert and then make everyone eat it while you watch.


Terrible Desert Thanksgiving Friends Episode

Did anyone else ever notice how Rachel never made herself a plate of that Trifle? She knew. Oh, she knew.

Start a cat fight with your sister.


Cat Fight where something breaks Friends Thanksgiving episode

Wedding plate breakage optional.

Give a terrible, bleak AF toast.


A Terrible Toast - Friends Thanksgiving Episode

Preferably including the phrase "a crappy New Year."

Get a group together for tag football in the yard.


Football - Friends Episode Thanksgiving

And then tackle someone on the other team like you don't know ~the rules~.

(Flashing optional.)


Phoebe flashes thanksgiivng friends episode

Probably not advisable in a public place, but you do you.

Invite a sassy sh-t-stirrer from your past to the table.


A Sassy Guest - Brad Pitt on Thanksgiving Episode of Friends

Dance puppets dance.

Make sure everyone's too stuffed to even lift the remote.


Stuffed full thanksgiving episode friends

Hug it out with everyone at the end and cue the audience clapping noise.


Big Announcement THanksgiving Episode Friends

Love is SERVED.

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