Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Dropped Mike And His Friends For Aaron Paul

Millie Bobby Brown has ‘joined’ the Paul family

Warning: There are major spoilers for Stranger Things below.

Before Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) peaced TF out with the monster from the Upside Down on the Season 1 finale of Stranger Things, she was invited to stay and live with Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and his family. He was sure to point out how his mom was “a pretty awesome cook,” and how his fam would take care of Eleven like she was their own.

But you can just kiss that dream goodbye, Mike, because this pint-size badass found herself a new family (though presumably not while she was in the Upside Down or wherever she poofed off to with Creepy Paranormal Monstrosity Dude). Meet the Paul family: Aaron, Lauren, and new “daughter” Millie.

After Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul admitted on The Tonight Show last week he and wife Lauren Parsekian wanted to adopt the 12-year-old breakout star — and interviewed her on the phone — the two finally met in person.

Brown also shared an adorable “family” photo on Instagram, captioning, “Had a wonderful evening with Aaron and Lauren! ❤️ love my #fakeadoptedparents.”

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