NASA And The ESA Have Teamed Up To Save The World From Armageddon, NBD

Unfortunately, they couldn't save us from 'Armageddon' (1998).

Hey, so super casual, but two space titans -- NASA and the European Space Agency -- have joined forces to make sure asteroids don't destroy the planet.

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ITV reports that the #supersquad has launched an initiative called the US-European Aida (Asteroid Deflection and Assessment). In what the outlet calls a "practice run for saving the world" (cute!), "Scientists plan to test if they can nudge an asteroid out of its orbital path."

Their target for this little "practice run" is an asteroid called Didymoon, which is 525 feet wide. According to Fortune, if NASA and the ESA can successfully change the path of this relatively smaller asteroid, "the same principle could potentially apply to a much larger, more threatening formation."

European Space Agency


There are two parts of the Aida mission: the first, called "AIM," will be lead by the ESA, and the second, called "DART," will be lead by NASA. "The Aim mission will launch a small lander on Didymoon to measure its internal structure, mass, and density," Fortune reports. "It will also record the changes in orbit following the impact."

It gets so f--king real, though. For NASA's Dart mission, they're going to straight-up blast a probe into Didymoon. No big deal or anything, though.

AIM will launch (literally) in 2020 and DART will launch in 2022. We'll be hoping for the best -- it's just our planet's existence at stake. No pressure, though.