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Rejoice: Katy Perry's Purple Hair Is Back

Last night's Fashion LA Awards were so stacked—like, the most stacked ever—with our faves that we didn't even have time to properly acknowledge some major hair changes on one Katy Perry. Katy's gone purple—again!

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While it was hard to focus on anything but Katy's bright pink fur scarf, studded outfit, and pink slides, her darker purple 'do definitely stole our attention for a hot sec. Nicole Richie is equally as into it—see?

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Katy Perry

With just over a week to go until Katy's Super Bowl halftime show performance, will she remain purple-haired for the big game? Katy obviously changes her ish up on the regular, but maybe she's hinting at a memorable performance of "Wide Awake"? Similar hair color, amirite?

Katy's hair remained purple as she discussed important performance details with her dog, so we're hopeful the color will stick around—we'll find out next Sunday, February 1.