Stop What You’re Doing! Watch This Amazing World Championship Yo-Yo Routine

Yes, we said yo-yo routine. This guy is our new national hero.

In further proof that Americans can and will dominate any sport we get our hands on, California native Gentry Stein is the new yo-yo 1A freestyle world champ.

What’s that, you say? You didn’t know yo-yoing was a sport? Much less a sport with its own world championship? Well, prepare to have your mind blown to pieces when you watch this badass routine. Yes, we’re describing yo-yoing as badass. Deal with it.

Stein, 18, asserted his dominance over runner-up, Japan’s Takeshi Matsuura, at the intense competition in Prague on Saturday. The 1A freestyle category is limited to contestants with one yo-yo on one string. Stein finished third in the category back in 2011, and now he’s the first American world champ since 2008. Is it too early to nominate Stein for a 2015 ESPY? All together now: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

For a mind-blowing three whole minutes, Stein works his magic in the most casual way ever. The all-black outfit with the single black glove...the techno music...the sandy, Cali-esque hair. This dude means business.

Way to make America proud, Gentry.



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