Jennifer Lopez Is About To Flip Off The Patriarchy With Her New Single

Don't expect her to get domestic

Jennifer Lopez is ready to unleash her first single of 2016, and she’s already teased a clip of the new tune.

The singer posted a video to Instagram last night (April 4) of herself jamming to her forthcoming song, which she’s calling “Ain’t Your Mama.” The quick clip was captioned with the promise that the full song will be available this Thursday, April 7.

In what we’re able to hear of the track so far, J. Lo totally rejects patriarchal gender roles. “I ain’t cooking all day/ I ain’t your mama,” she sings. “I ain’t gonna do your laundry/ I ain’t your mama."

“Ain’t Your Mama” will be Lopez’s first new single since “A Selena Tribute,” which she put out last May. Watch the teaser below.

Lopez will also perform the new song live for the first time on American Idol this Thursday.