Watch James Franco And Nicki Minaj Eskimo Kiss In A New 'SNL' Promo

These two have become BFFs!

By Christopher Harris

Who knew Nicki Minaj and James Franco were besties?

Since they'll both be on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, they've gotten pretty close—so close, that Nick and Franco even have their own handshake! And it comes complete with eskimo kisses... yup, you read that right.

In a cute promo for the upcoming episode, the hip-hop queen is paired with the Hollywood actor, and it might seem like an odd pairing but it somehow just totally works.

Nicki is set to hit the stage twice and she recently announced that she'll be performing "Bed Of Lies," "Only" and something new off of her upcoming Pink Friday album. It's her second visit to "SNL", so hopefully, we'll get to see a few of her alter-ego's in more skits.

Franco will host the live sketch for the third time. He tells Cecily Stong in another promo that he's back to "give the people a night where they can forget about their problems and laugh."

"Saturday Night Live" will air December 6 on NBC.

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