Was 'American Sniper' Authentic, Offensive, Or A Bit Of Both?

'The Nightly Show' debates tough questions about the Oscar-nominated film.

Much has been made of "American Sniper," and its portrayal of the Iraq war, the soldiers who fought it, and the Iraqis they were fighting.

But is this film an offensive, imbalanced piece of propaganda, or an authentic, important window into the lives of combat veterans and the challenges they face -- not just in war, but on returning home, where they continue to be haunted by what they experienced?

"The Nightly Show" tackled that question on Monday, with host Larry Wilmore moderating a panel discussion between journalist Matt Taibbi, founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Paul Rieckhoff, comedian Sabrina Jalees, and veteran sniper Nick Irving. Check out the lively debate (and one surprising point of agreement) in the clip below.

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