Which 'All That' Sketch Made The Cast Break Character The Most?

The answer will blow ya mind

On Saturday, April 16, Nickelodeon's beloved All That turns 22, which means the Big Ear of Corn can officially blast Taylor Swift's "22," unironically, for the next 365 days. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

taylor swift 22

In celebration of the momentous occasion, The Splat reunited original cast members Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, and Josh Server on the iconic Orange Couch to discuss their most memorable moments and characters from their days on the set. These short interstitials will run all weekend long during TeenNick's All That marathon weekend. So stop, look, and watch... it's an All That reunion!

MTV News has an exclusive look at one of the hilarious interstitials debuting this weekend. In it, the cast reveals the gut-busting sketches that made it unbearably hard to stay in character. Unsurprisingly, Mitchell's Coach Kreeton was a popular pick. (Inspired by one of his own coaches, Coach Kreeton also happens to be Mitchell's favorite character.) Meanwhile, Kenan Thompson's angry cafeteria lady Miss Piddlin was one of Server's personal favorites. Watch the clip in its entirety above.

miss piddlin

We wonder if the Big Ear of Corn feels slighted in any way. He was pretty funny, too. He doesn't get enough credit!

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