Marilyn Manson Is No Friend Of The Sneaker Pimps

September 9 [7:55 EDT] -- If you liked the recent collaboration between Marilyn Manson and the Sneaker Pimps that turned up on the "Spawn" soundtrack, then you're one up on the Sneaker Pimps.

While the band was down with the project in theory, when they were in New York last week to kick off the annual CMJ Music Marathon, they said they were less than thrilled with the execution of "It's A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell.

Kind of dance meets metal or rock or whatever, and there's collaborations like Goldie and Metallica which is dandy," Sneaker Pimps' Liam Howe told MTV News. "But, we kind of went to it...

Naive," Chris Corner added. "We were all really excited about it though.

Yeah, thinking that we had a chance to polish a turd," Howe said.

We knew that they weren't very good," singer Kelli Dayton said. "And we thought, when we were first approached with it, we thought, 'Well, we don't like the music, but if we can do something good...' [article id="1447701"]But we weren't there at the final mix, which was a mistake, so we have to come back... It was crap anyway, the song was crap." [1MB QuickTime][/article]

The Sneaker Pimps also claim that Manson failed to send them a master tape of the "Spawn" track so they could do a final mix more to their liking.

No comment yet from the Manson camp.

Ironically, Manson himself was on hand when the Sneaker Pimps took the stage for their CMJ show, which also featured sets from the Crystal Method, Aphex Twin, Fluke, and Daft Punk. We'll have more from that show, and the increasing emphasis on the cult of personality in electronic music, on this week's edition of "The Week In Rock.