Ariana Grande's 'Break Free' The Next Song Of The Summer? Zedd Thinks So

Ariana is 'really stoked' about her brand-new single.

Arianators, we are just two days away until we "Break Free" with Ariana Grande.

The pop star will be debuting her second single off her album, My Everything, (out August 25) during "Total Ariana Live" on MTV on Wednesday at 7 p.m., but she gave fans a little sneak peek over the weekend.

The upbeat synthy pop track has Ariana teaming up with EDM producer, Zedd, who told MTV News that knew he had to collaborate with the "Problem" singer after he heard her powerful voice.

"I played a show in LA that was a little showcase for Universal and it had a bunch of Universal artists, and I brought my family out and I was just hanging with them backstage and Ariana was onstage and they had speakers set up backstage so you could hear the artist," Zedd recently told MTV News at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. "And I didn't know who it was, and I loved the voice, so I was like whoever is on right now I want to make a song with. And I figured it out. It was Ariana, so I was lucky to get the chance to work with her."

Zedd, who is currently working on his second solo album, explained that he and Ariana never got into the studio together, but did work closely with Max Martin on the track. And even though the sound may be a bit of a departure for Ariana, Zedd predicts it will "be a really big song for the summer."

"It is a mix of her because she has a really special voice, and obviously you kinda of clearly hear me in the song, so I think it's more unusual for her than it is for me 'cause I do this all the time," he explained. "For her, I think it's the first time she has made a song like that so she is really stoked about it."

Ariana also teased a snippet of the video for "Break Free" telling Ryan Seacrest that "it's inspired by Jane Fonda in "Barbarella" and "Star Wars" and space."

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