'Real' Talk: CT And Bananas Recall Their MTV Auditions

Find out how the 'Challenge' greats began their journeys

Before CT and Johnny Bananas became Challenge winners, the duo stopped being polite during Real World: Paris and Real World: Key West, respectively. And just like any roommate who appears on the iconic "true story" docu-series, the Champs vs Pros competitors have unique tales about their audition process.

"I was working at a nightclub on the weekends while I was at school (at UMass Amherst), and I remember I went to my accounting tutor because I found out with my electives...I could get accounting as a minor at the same time I was getting a major," CT recently told MTV News. "So I went to her and I had a stack of flyers, and I asked her if she minded if I kept a stack of flyers in her office. She said I could, but she asked who from accounting was going to go to a party at this nightclub. I thought, 'Fair enough.'"

And this is why we need to thank said tutor for the past nearly 14 years of CT on this network. "She said, 'You're better off going to this casting call in Faneuil Hall in Boston. So I get there at 11. I work my way from the back to the front, and the casting director heard me talking my way out of [cutting the line] -- and she thought I was cute. Long story short, two weeks later, I'm in Paris for five months. My mom, to this day, says, 'You should have stayed in school.'"

Meanwhile, Bananas' road to the Real World was a bit more conventional. The former Florida transplant recorded his casting clips at alma mater Penn State, in front of the Old Main Building. But the location shares some special significance with another well-known occasion.

"A few years ago, (former President) Obama did a speech at Penn State and used the exact same backdrop that I used for my audition tape," the six-time Challenge champ disclosed about his key to the once-in-lifetime experience. "So I'd like to think maybe somewhere in the past, maybe Obama or one of his staffers saw that video of me and thought, 'This is the backdrop we have to use. It worked really well for this guy -- maybe it will work well for us.'"

And there we have it -- from college kids to Real World/Challenge greats. Be sure to catch the athletes every Tuesday on The Challenge: Champs vs Pros at 9/8c!

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