Snoop Dogg And R. Kelly's 'Platinum' Has 'A Lot Of Energy'

'That's the feeling that you're looking for,' Snoop says of the single.

Snoop Dogg had just about finished wrapping his latest album, Doggumentary, before finishing up one last track. The California rapper and [article id="1658568"]R. Kelly connected to record "Platinum,"[/article] produced by Lex Luger (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross).

The bouncy number featuring Snoop's smooth style and Kells' soaring vocals is now set to be his third single, following "New Year's Eve" and "Wet."

"That record got a lot of energy on it and it has a lot of feeling and emotion connected to it," Snoop told MTV News. "Whenever you play a record and you can get the whole room to either bounce to it or react to it as soon as it comes on, that's the feeling that you're looking for. It's a certain thing called 'magic' when you in the studio. And certain people know when they have that magic and they know when to let it go. That's why my career has been able to last for so long, because when I make that magic, I know when to let it go. Particularly singles that I drop that may not appease you in the beginning but by the time I'm finished doing what I'm doing, that single grows on you.

"You have to see that magic in the record before you hear it," he added.

Earlier this week, [article id="1660901"]Snoop[/article] also talked about his career and how being flexible has allowed him to maintain his status in the game.

"I don't really think of it as reinventing myself, 'cause it's all within me," Snoop explained. "It's all who I am. It's more or less faces of Snoop Dogg or characters of Snoop Dogg that's in this one spirit. But at the same time, he's able to embellish different parts of the character to create this look, that style, that sound. But it's all the same. Because when I do it all at once, when I do a concept that has all the songs, I don't have enough time to change and act like this -- it's still me."

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