Wiz Khalifa Was 'So Into' His Role As Death In 'Dickinson', Hailee Steinfeld Reports

'He showed up unbelievably prepared'

We're only a couple of days away from the premiere of Dickinson on Apple TV+, and like you, the anticipation is absolutely killing us. The show, which stars Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson, follows the young poet as she leans deeper into her writing skills despite societal pressures to become the quintessential housewife. In a new clip posted yesterday (October 29) by EW, howeverwe got an exclusive look at a scene that features another very familiar face: Wiz Khalifa.

For those of you who don't know, Khalifa has been cast as Death in the series. Death was a central theme in much of Dickinson's work throughout her lifetime, so it makes sense that it gets its own character. And in the scene shared by EW, we get to see the poet's flirty relationship with Death firsthand. "I always want to see you," her character says while riding in Death's carriage before receiving reassurance that, someday, she'll make it as a world-famous writer.

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In addition to the exclusive clip, Steinfeld also opened up to the outlet about what it was like working alongside the rapper. "I'm a huge fan of [Khalifa] in general, so the fact that we were able to get him to do the show was so exciting, and he loved the idea of it," she said. "He read a bunch of it, and he was so into it. He showed up unbelievably prepared. He's got the greatest sense of humor ever."

While the Edge of Seventeen actress didn't reveal much else about Khalifa's character in the upcoming series, she did say that working with him on the show was "so fun." "It is very different and weird and interesting and exciting," she said. Steinfeld also revealed that his character will be a big part of the show, in general. "He is a major element in this show," she added.

The details about Khalifa's character don't come as much of a surprise — especially since the show's creator, Alena Smith, previously told EW that casting the rapper was "the dream." "I wanted Death to be the coolest guy in the world because Emily is in love with Death," Smith said. "... I just really wanted it to be someone that you would genuinely get excited to see." Well, consider us stoked.

Dickinson premieres November 1 on Apple TV+.

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