'Okami 2' Rumored, Mysterious Trademark Discovered

If you’ve got a hankering to play as a giant wolf who happens to be the god of the sun but you’ve already played “Okami” on both the PS2 and Wii, take heart! There might just be some more "Okami" on the way. The ever-vigilant Japanophiles over at Siliconera have dug up a trademark for “Okamiden”.

A familiar name alone isn’t enough evidence to confirm a brand new game, but there are a couple of other factors to consider. First, the Wii edition of “Okami” is only just coming out in Japan this fall. There’s also Japan’s predilection for puns and compound words. “Okami” itself is a play on words, meaning both “wolf” and “god”. As Spencer points out, “Okamiden” could very well be “Okami Gaiden” (“Okami Sidestory”).

Much as I would like to see a new “Okami”, I worry about it being made without Platinum Games, specifically director Hideki Kamiya, making the game. “Okami” is a unique game, full of idiosyncratic quirks in both its aesthetics and mechanics. Without the mind behind those quirks, I’d be worried about the game just being a rehash.

Plus, last time Capcom made a sequel to one of Kamiya’s babies without his support, “Devil May Cry 2” happened. For those that don’t remember, it’s big innovation was putting Dante in pair of Diesel jeans. Right.

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