Manson's "Dead Man" Soundtrack Enters Summer Fray With "Avengers"

Since the release of the "Titanic" soundtrack last November, motion picture albums supporting such films as "Godzilla," "City of Angels," "Armageddon" and "Dr. Doolittle" have dominated the upper echelon of the record charts.

Part of the success of such soundtracks has been linked to the all-star caliber of talent usually enlisted for the records, and two new soundtrack albums -- for "The Avengers" and "Dead Man on Campus" -- will get into the summer sales fray when they arrive in stores this week.

Marilyn Manson's new "Mechanical Animals" album is currently vying with Alanis Morissette's forthcoming record as the most highly anticipated release (for the rest) of the year, and fans will be able to catch a glimpse at Manson's new glam swing on his cover of David Bowie's "Golden Years" for the "Dead Man on Campus" album.

As we previously reported (see [article id="1426411"]"Manson Does Bowie, Twiggy Meets Twiggy For 'Dead' Soundtrack"[/article]), the "Dead Man"

soundtrack was executive produced by the dynamic production duo of the Dust Brothers, who manned the boards for Manson's cut, as well as new songs from Blur, Supergrass and the outre combo of Twiggy Ramirez and '70s model Twiggy covering Dusty Springfield's "I Only Want To Be With You.

The album accompanying "The Avengers" movie is slightly more eclectic, as Sugar Ray, Roni Size, Dishwalla and the Stereo MCs are all on-board for the made-over '60s U.K. TV program. Two of the more unique selections on the "Avengers" include "Blow You Away," a song co-written by XTC frontman Andy Partridge and the Verve Pipe, and Annie Lennox's cover of the Sugarcubes' "Mama.

For Lennox, the track signals her return to the studio after a much talked about Eurythmics reunion with Dave Stewart failed to materialize. That buzz started when the two reformed to play a benefit show in London in May.

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