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Sookie Gets Into 'Some Serious S--t' In New 'True Blood' Clips

But what else is new?

The countdown is on, and five days from today (June 16), the last season of "True Blood" will begin.

There are a ton of questions left over from last season. Like, for example, how can you stop zombie vampires? Is Eric dead? (Probably not.) Is Sookie now with Alcide for good? (Also probably not.) Can Tara get any more annoying?

We'll have to wait until Sunday for the show's creators to start answering our questions (and to start delivering all the sex and violence the show is famous for). In the meantime, HBO has released four clips which give us a hint of what's in store for the characters as we say bonjour to Bon Temps for the last time.

Abilyn and Jessica

Last season, Jessica accidentally killed all of Andy's fairy daughters except for one, Abilyn, who has now grown into someone essentially Jessica's age in the span of a few weeks. Here, Jessica starts coming to terms with what she did.

A Deserted Bon Temps

Looks like "True Blood" is getting all dystopian on us in the final season, with a Bon Temps that's been deserted, due presumably to the zombie vamps.

Searching For Supplies

Taking a page from "The Walking Dead," our ragtag group of survivors (Alicde, Jason, Sam, Andy, and Sookie) look for supplies in an abandoned house, as "True Blood" explores every possible grouping of main characters it can think of.

Sookie And Bill

Surprise! Sookie needs Bill's help, after apparently getting herself into "some serious s--t." It's nice to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The final season of "True Blood" premieres this Sunday, June 22, at 9 p.m. ET.