Kanye West Performs At Twitter Headquarters

After debuting songs at Facebook office, Yeezy heads to Twitter for another a capella show on same day he tweeted for the first time.

When people get into the social-networking thing, they typically set up a Facebook page, get a Twitter account and start blasting out inane status updates. Not [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]. Instead of just logging onto the popular websites to promote his projects virally, 'Ye has gone behind the scenes with a couple of in-office performances for the staff at two of the world's social-networking juggernauts. On the heels of rocking [article id="1644579"]Facebook's headquarters[/article], Yeezy spit lyrics from his upcoming album for the folks at Twitter on Wednesday (July 28).

In videos that have surfaced online, 'Ye looks dapper in a dark gray suit, and blesses the Twitter office with a few bars from his next effort. The performance went down on the same day that [article id="1644605"]he joined the site and revealed that his new album won't be called Good Ass Job[/article].

Of course, the social networking wizards at Twitter tweeted about 'Ye's performance, typing, "Welcome to Twitter, @kanyewest, and thanks for the visit today." Several photos of the hip-hop's star's visit were also posted on the website's Flickr page showing the Louis Vuitton Don posing for pics and gettin' it in on the mic.

It's been a big Twitter day for West in general. At press time, the star netted more than 130,000 followers during his first day on the site and spent much of his first few hours on Twitter micro-blogging about the rapid growth of followers.

"I got 90,000 followers in 8 hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everybody," West tweeted around 6 pm and an hour later, recognized the fan who tipped him over the 100,000 mark. "100,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shout out to @yoodeebaby for being the 100,000th follower thank you to everybody." By 9 p.m., the star had more than 120,000 followers.

Despite snubbing Twitter last year, it appears the star has learned what many followers on the site have already realized, tweeting: "Awwwww man this is addictive I might get in trouble on here!!!!"

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