'Where The Wild Things Are' Soundtrack Was A 'Playful' Process, Karen O Says

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer says she and director Spike Jonze are 'kids trapped in adult bodies.'

Karen O is a busy woman. It's time-consuming enough being the singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but she is also responsible for the soundtrack to "Where the Wild Things Are," the highly anticipated [article id="1623613"]Spike Jonze adaptation of the classic book[/article].

Though she had never provided music for a film before, she told MTV News that Jonze was an ideal collaborator. "We're both like kids trapped in adult bodies," she said on the red carpet at Tuesday night's [article id="1623791"]"Where the Wild Things Are" premiere[/article] in New York. "It was really playful. He just told me what the themes should sound like, and he let me do what I felt like doing."

The results of that process shine through, as the soundtrack to "Where the Wild Things Are" is a spacey, moody piece that blends seamlessly with the hazy magic of the film's visual style.

For the recording process, Karen recruited a number of indie-rock luminaries as collaborators, including members of Deerhunter, Liars and the Dead Weather. The process of making the soundtrack was not unlike jamming with a group of friends -- a process Karen was quite comfortable with, especially considering the unusual nature of the process.

"The first film footage we got was roughs before they even assembled anything," she said. "I had friends of mine from rock bands with me, and we'd watch the footage and we came up with the music for a really rough version of the film. It was a fairly unconventional way to do that."

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