8 Reasons Why Paul Rudd Is Just A Perfect Human Being

He's acted, lip-synced and slapped the bass into our hearts.

When Paul Rudd busted out his rendition of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" during his "Tonight Show" lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, our hearts grew two sizes too big.

Why? Because Paul Rudd is obviously a perfect human being and the only thing I can find wrong with him is that he is mortal, and will therefore not be able to bestow his many blessings upon future generations.

Check out some very persuasive evidence of this fact below:

He Guest-Starred On Shows That Everyone Loves

From "Parks and Recreation" to "Veronica Mars" to "Friends," Rudd has the guest star game on lock. Now all he needs to do is show up on "True Detectives" and I can die covered in Netflix DVDs and smiles.

He Looks The Same Now As He Did In 'Clueless' -- Or Better

Someone's been drinking from the Tuck Everlasting spring and his name rhymes with "Doll Bud."

He Was The Best Part Of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

What else happened in that movie? Puppets? Russell Brand? Who even knows.

He Co-Created 'Party Down'

Like all things good, according to Billy Joel, this show died young. But did it burn bright. Did it burn bright...

He Can Pull Off A Beard

Naked, no less!

His Was The Only Super Hero Casting To Bring Total Delight

While some super hero casting choices had comic fans Hulk-smashing, when Paul Rudd was cast as the leading role in 2015's "Ant-Man" the only thing busting to pieces around these parts was everyone's collective heart.

Slappin' Da Bass Mon!

I mean, just, I can't.


And scene.