Here's What's Next For The Entire 'Hunger Games' Cast

You'll see them all again soon.

With "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2" hitting theaters this week, it's time to start thinking about what life will be like in the aftermath.

What kind of movies will be worth watching when there's no more "Hunger Games" to be had? And what will the cast members from the franchise do with themselves? Is it even worth it to continue to live, knowing we'll never see Katniss Everdeen again (except on DVD and in our dreams)?

The answer: No. No, it's not. But since we probably won't die from lack of new "Hunger Games" -- although we reserve the right to try-- the next best thing will be to keep up with the cast as they move on to whatever their next project might be. Here's where you can spot the most important members of this great, big cast in the next couple years.

Jennifer Lawrence



Let's start with the obvious: Jennifer Lawrence isn't going anywhere. Actually, between "Joy," "Passengers," a movie in the works with Amy Schumer, and the rebooted X-Men franchise still going strong, you'd have a harder time not seeing another J-Law movie.

Josh Hutcherson


Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mockingjay Part 2

"The Hunger Games" might be over, but Josh's plate is full. Among other things, he'll be starring with James Franco in not one, but two historical dramas over the next couple years.

Liam Hemsworth


Gale Mockingjay Part 2

If you loved him as the idealistic revolutionary Gale, you'll love him as the first line of defense against a new alien invasion in the upcoming "Independence Day" sequel.

Elizabeth Banks



Maybe Liz can repurpose a piece or two from her Effie Trinket wardrobe for a cameo appearance in the next "Pitch Perfect" movie, which she'll both direct and star in.

Woody Harrelson


Haymitch Thumbs Up Hunger Games GIF

The ubiquitous Woody managed to star in "True Detective" between "Hunger Games" jobs, so it's no surprise that he's got roles in eight (EIGHT!) movies already racked up between now and 2018 -- including the "Now You See Me" sequel and the next installment of the "Planet of the Apes" franchise.

Donald Sutherland


President Snow Mockingjay Part 2 Velvet Red BLazer

Evil President Snow might be dunzo, but Sutherland is staying busy with a recurring role on TV's "Crossing Lines" and three movies coming down the pike.

Jena Malone

johanna mason

She's got multiple movies in the works, but the one we're most excited about has to be "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," in which she's playing a secret and much-speculated-about role.

Julianne Moore


hunger games mockingjay coin

You won't even have to wait until next year to spot Julianne and her natural hair color on the big screen; she's starring opposite Ellen Page in the soon-to-be-released "Freeheld."

Willow Shields



Having grown up on the "Hunger Games" sets, Willow will be moving on to some serious movies after her turn as Prim, starting with a role in the twisty thriller "A Fall from Grace."

Sam Claflin



Wait a few months, and you can spot Sam back on the big screen in medieval garb in "The Huntsman: Winter's War."

Amandla Stenberg


Rue only lasted one movie, but Amandla's career has lived on! If you missed her small-screen appearances on "Sleepy Hollow" and "Mr. Robinson,"you can catch her next year in the 1990s throwback drama "As You Are."

Jeffrey Wright



Wright must have really enjoyed the dystopian setting of "The Hunger Games," because his next stop is another futuristic drama: TV's "Westworld," where he'll be joining an all-star cast.

Stanley Tucci



You can definitely look forward to seeing The Tooch again -- particularly in the live-action "Beauty and the Beast," where he'll be playing a neurotic talking harpsichord.

Wes Bentley


Lest you'd forgotten, Wes (and his ridiculous beard) were basically the best thing about the first "Hunger Games" movie. And if you want more where that came from, you can tune in to "American Horror Story" right now to watch him having sex with ghosts and go slowly insane.

Lenny Kravitz


The man who played Cinna has been focusing on music rather than movies since his untimely "Catching Fire" death... but we've still seen an awful lot of him this year, if you know what I mean.

Dayo Okeniyi



He stole our hearts as Thresh in 2012, and he's been working steadily since -- including a role in the recent "Terminator: Genisys." Next up, you can see Dayo starring wtih Jennifer Lopez on the small screen in "Shades of Blue."

Stef Dawson


Mockingjay Annie and Finnick Wedding Kiss GIF

After stealing Sam Claflin's heart in "Mockingjay," Stef can be seen later this year forging Penn Badgley's essays in "The Paper Store."

Isabelle Fuhrman


Isabelle has grown up a lot since her early role in "The Hunger Games," and turned up this season in a regular guest role on "Masters of Sex." You can spot her next year playing a big part in "Cell," the adaptation of Stephen King's cell phone horror novel.

Alexander Ludwig



After making it almost all the way to the end of the 74th Hunger Games, Alexander has found a longterm spot in the core cast of "Vikings."

Various Tributes



It would take us forever to track down every last Tribute, ever, but many of the actors who showed up just to get killed off in the 74th or 75th Hunger Games are still going strong in Hollywood: Leven Rambin (Glimmer) turned up on "True Detective" last season, and has a new feature film in the works. Meta Golding (Enobaria) is all about indies and TV movies. Mackenzie Lintz (the District 8 tribute) is a core cast member on "Under the Dome." Alan Ritchson (Gloss) is now Raphael in the new TMNT franchise. And Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere) bought the farm in the arena only to turn up in yet another movie adapted from a dystopian YA trilogy: "The Divergent Series: Insurgent."