This Completely Candid Photo From JWOWW's Wedding Brought Tears To Our Eyes

It's Roger Mathews' favorite snapshot of the day -- and we understand why.

Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews made sure that their wedding was well-documented -- but one unstaged moment that was snapped stands out for the gushing new husband. And in true sentimental Rog fashion, the reason the photograph holds a special place in his heart is very touching.

Roger Mathews' Instagram


"My favorite pic is a candid shot our Nanny @carlytayylor shot with her phone from an upstairs window," the soon-to-be dad of two wrote along with the Instagram image above, featuring the bride and groom sharing a kiss in a courtyard while their precious dressed-up daughter Meilani looks on. When he asked Carly for a copy of the still at the nuptials, she refrained -- for a wonderful reason.

"She had this amazing pic transferred to canvas for a wall hanging," Roger continued, noting that Carly captured a moment of "pure innocence" as Meilani watched her family become one. Don't mind us, Rog, we look just like you did when you held your angel baby for the first time (a hint: teary-eyed).

In addition, he shared another beautiful frame (below) from the RogWOWW nuptials -- featuring the toddler front and center yet again and getting some love from her adoring folks.

Roger Mathews' Instagram


"Our wedding day was only rivaled by one other day," he stated. "It was the day our daughter was born, and we adore her beyond words. Can't wait to have a son in May. Thanks Manny @mtcphotography for the amazing photos which capture moments we will have, share and talk about for a lifetime."

Here's to many more memories of this family -- captured on camera. Be sure to offer your congratulatory messages for the Mathews family in the comments!

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