Kim Kardashian Explains Why Reality TV Is Just Like Rap Music

Star says reality TV is 'here to stay' and addresses critics in new interview with 'V' magazine.

Over the course of her career, Kim Kardashian has faced criticism for her rise to fame, which was accelerated by the release of a sex tape in 2007. No matter what prompted her celebrity status, Kim has quickly become the face of the Kardashian family and a brand unto herself.

And despite keeping up with not only her family, but also herself, Kim has received harsh words from Hollywood heavyweights including [article id="1674209"]Jonah Hill[/article], [article id="1680959"]Jon Hamm[/article] and Daniel Craig. In a new interview with V magazine, the reality star addresses all the criticism she's received.

"It's always funny to me when people say that I'm famous for being famous," Kim told the magazine. "I think it's fascinating, because it's still entertainment, you know? It's fun to see the progression of that idea. I don't take offense to it at all. I'm not naïve to the fact that I'm not a singer or an actress or anything like that. I've never claimed to be anything that I'm not. I think [reality] is still a new form of entertainment that was kind of an unexpected thing."

From there, Kim compares the sentiments currently surrounding reality TV to that of the early days of rap music. [article id="1688916"]Kanye West's lady love[/article] continued, "When rap music first came out, people were like, 'We don't understand this, what is this, it's just a fad.' But rap music is definitely here to stay, and I think reality shows have proven they are as well. But when something is newer, people don't really understand it."

"You can see that soap operas aren't on the air as much anymore. I think reality shows are taking over that genre, but I think the draw to our show is that we are relatable," she further explained. "I think it's just a new world with social media. The interaction I have with my fans and the access is so much fun to me. I love that connection."

On top of establishing a one-on-one connection with her fans, Kim added that there's one other thing she'd like to achieve that no other reality star has done before.

"I think there was a quote where somebody said that reality stars will never get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame," she said. "So, of course I'm so competitive that I think that it would be a huge achievement and a goal that anyone would want. I would love to break that mold."