Adele Kind Of Dissed Phil Collins -- Wait, What?

And there's still no word on her next record.

Phil Collins may have felt "it" "calling in the air tonight" back in 1981, but that "it" certainly wasn't Adele. Although the two were rumored to be working on the "Rolling In The Deep" singer's next album, those hopes were dashed for Collins when Adele stopped picking up the phone.

At the beginning of 2014, the ex-Genesis drummer said that he would be featured on what we're assuming will be called 25. "I've just started to work with Adele," he told NME. "She contacted me to write together. I wasn't actually too aware [of her]. I live in a cave [but] she's achieved an incredible amount and I really love her voice and I love some of that stuff she's done. So, to me, it's always an eye-opener. Educational."

Now, it seems, that education has been cut short. “She’s a slippery little fish is Adele,” Collins told Q Magazine in a recent interview. “She got hold of me and asked if I would write with her. She gave me a piece of music to finish and at first I didn’t know if I’d failed the audition as I didn’t hear from her."

Adele did manage to pick up the phone eventually, though, hitting back Collins back and explaining, he said, "She said, ‘No, no, I’m moving house and the baby’s taking up a lot of my time, I’m not actually doing anything at the moment.’"

Collins said he did hear a record would be coming out, but asserts that he will not be on it.

This crushing news comes soon after previous crushing news that whatever record Adele is working on -- Genesis-free or no -- will not be dropping in 2014. Back in May, it seemed Adele was teasing a new record titled 25, but earlier this month her label XL confirmed that the album isn't coming out this calendar year.

The hits, they just keep coming...

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