Liza Koshy Dances With Drax Project's Shaan Singh In 'Woke Up Late' Video

We see the video from Koshy's perspective during Hailee Steinfield's guest verse

What would you do if you woke up next to a person and had no idea who they were, aside from a vague memory of last night? That's the question at the center of "Woke Up Late" by New Zealand quartet Drax Project and vocalist Hailee Steinfeld. It's also the concept behind the accompanying music video with a slight twist; actress and YouTuber Liza Koshy is the mysterious person who likes to dance instead of explaining who she is. What ensues is an adorable look at two souls searching for answers and how to move on the next day that will bring a smile to your face.

The visual follows frontman Shaan Singh, who wakes up in a slightly panicked state. Who is he? What happened? Where is he? Shortly before he gets up, we're introduced to Koshy, who's clearly in a hurry. She grabs her stuff and jets out the door. Singh catches wind of her as she grooves down the street with greatly exaggerated movements betraying a free and whimsical soul who lives in the moment with a wide-faced smile. As he chases after her to learn who she is, his smile grows. He's enchanted by her presence.

Steinfeld's verse takes place from Koshy's perspective and starts back to when she woke up. Koshy opens her eyes and smiles fondly at the sleeping Singh, her eyes caressing his beard stubble. We view her resulting dance and smile from the front this time as she glides down the street and onto a bus. When she gets to where she needs to be, she realizes that she doesn't have the key to get in. That's when Singh appears with a warm grin and hands her the key, leading to a lively dance and reflection of last night that both end with the path to a kiss.

"Woke Up Late" is hopefully a taste of what the band has in store. This version of the tune was released in January. Their last EP, Noon, came out last June. Check out the romantic video up above.

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