Chrissy Teigen Barely Contained Her Chill Around Alicia Silverstone In 'Clueless' Mode

Look at these total Bettys!

What would you do if, say, the actress who played one of the most memorable characters to come out of the '90s showed up to chat with you, and she was wearing one of her most beloved outfits from the movie that made her an icon?

You'd flip out, right?

Same, so props to Chrissy Teigen for not completely melting down when Alicia Silverstone — who played Cher Horowitz in 1995 rom-com Clueless — stopped by Lip Sync Battle rocking Cher's trademark yellow plaid skirt-suit.

Teigen waited until after the visit to gush about it on social media, and her smile says it all, really. (Luna seems unimpressed, but considering she's not a child of the '90s — or even a child yet, technically, as she's still very much so a baby — we'll just pretend she's keeping her cool in all the excitement.)

The '90s have come and gone, but Cher Horowitz and that yellow plaid? Forever legendary, especially IRL.