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The Definitive Ranking Of ‘Cheetah Girls’ Movie Songs

They're cheetah-licious!

In the early '00s, the Cheetah Girls reigned supreme as a superstarpop girl group -- but it was their very first Disney Channel Original movie with Raven-Symoné, Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kielly Williams that really made us fall in love with Cheetah Power.

That original 2003 movie, titled "The Cheetah Girls," had some pretty amazing songs -- well, plus one that managed to make us hate baby seals and panda bears. But that was by design, so it's all good. Here are our favorites, from bottom to top!

"All Around The World"

global getdown

God help you if you happen to get this song stuck in your head. I don't know what Jackal Johnson was thinking but the animal mask-wearing members of Global Get Down were clearly part of a terrifying Ambien nightmare, not a "worldwide marketing miracle." And the weird nonsense lyrics that Johnson wanted our Cheetah Girls to sing were even worse.

"Together We Can"

together we can

This song is a fun, catchy way to open the movie, but if you actually listen to the lyrics it raises a lot of questions. First of all, Cheetah Girls, why would you want to shoot the Moon? What has the Moon done to displease you? Secondly, you told us that together you can ride hurricanes and walk into space, and instead all you really do is keep your adorable puppy awake with your singing while a bunch of firefighters rescue him from a gas leak. Which is heroic and all, don't get me wrong, but it's not "save the human race" heroic.

"Cheetah Sisters"

cheetah sisters

Doesn't matter who you are -- this song will probably make you want to find three of your tightest girl friends, dress up together in complementary tracksuits, and belt at the top of your lungs about sisterhood. That said, it's a little on the nose for non-Cheetah Girls related listening. You can groove to "Spice Up Your Life" without knowing who the Spice Girls are, but it's a little trickier to convince your friends that the Cheetah Girls are a group worth stanning for unless they've watched the whole movie with you.

"Girl Power"

Girl Power

Of all the songs in the movie, this one's definitely got the most direct message: it's okay to make mistakes if you do your best and refuse to compromise yourself. Also, girl power. Why Jackal Johnson wouldn't want to "bump" this is beyond us.



The only song that wasn't written for the movie (it was originally recorded by a girl group called i5), "Cinderella" has literally everything you loved about early 2000s pop. Empowering feminist message! Soft, melodic harmonizing with awesome R&B riffs overlaid on top! Basically, it rules.