Years & Years Had The Perfect Response After Their Music Was Labeled ‘Gay’

Matt Healy, Troye Sivan, and Adam Lambert also weighed in

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has a bone to pick for anyone who categorizes an artist’s work based solely on their sexuality.

On Thursday, Twitter user @barelyhuman posted a photo of Years & Years’s debut album at a record shop that labeled it simply “gay.” Alexander reposted the tweet and wrote, “um ok let’s talk about this.”

Alexander -- an out musician who’s long been vocal about his sexuality -- went on to criticize the confusing categorization, questioning if you can “label a sound or style of music ‘gay.’”

The singer later poked fun at the pic by saying he was heading to the studio to make “#gaymusic.” Adam Lambert sarcastically responded by asking if the song was going to be a “top or a bottom.”

Troye Sivan (whose album Blue Neighbourhood also appeared under the “gay” section in the original photo) also got in on the joke, as did Matt Healy, lead singer for The 1975.

The record shop from the original photo is unspecified, and the authenticity of the pic hasn’t been verified (some skeptical fans are questioning whether someone placed Years & Years and Sivan’s albums there on purpose). Nevertheless, it’s sparked a meaningful discussion, which Alexander handled with perfect poise.

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