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Ariana Grande's Embracing Her EDM Side With An 'Unusual' Zedd Collabo

Ariana's waving her glow stick.

She may be riding high off her smash single "Problem" but Ariana Grande already has her sights set on single #2 -- and it just may feature a very unlikely collaboration.

The pop star revealed at 102.7 KIIS-FM's Wango Tango concert that she's embracing her newfound love of EDM thanks to a little help from Zedd, who she teamed up with on her upcoming sophomore album to, hopefully, create another hit track.

“I really want that [Zedd track] to be the second single. My whole team is like, ‘Oh, it’s too early to pick a new single,’ but I’m really ... I love that song so much," Grande told KIIS-FM's 102.7. "He’s fantastic and the song is really fun, and it’s very different for me especially.”

So how did this unlikely pairing come together? Well, as Zedd told MTV News on the Wango Tango red carpet, it all happened after he found himself hypnotized by Ariana's impressive vocals.

"I played a show like a month or two ago, or three, and I heard someone sing and I didn't know who it was and I just said that I want to make a song with whoever is singing right now," Zedd recalled. "I was backstage, and it was Ariana. Ever since [then] I said that I wanted to make a song with her, and now it finally happened and I think it's a song that's unusual for her. Not necessarily unusual for me because I'm home in this [dance music] world, but I think it's very exciting and everyone will hopefully love it."