Oasis Talk About Recording With Johnny Depp

August 29 [10:00 EDT] -- Just when you thought you'd heard everything you possibly could about Oasis' new album, "Be Here Now," comes news that actor Johnny Depp can be heard playing slide guitar on a track called [article id="1448965"]"Fading Out." [1.4MB QuickTime][/article]

Apparently, Oasis leader Noel Gallagher's wife is a friend of Depp's ex-girlfriend, model Kate Moss, and they all ran into one another some time back on the celebrity-infested Caribbean island of Mustique. Gallagher mentioned that he'd written a song that required some slide-guitar playing, but that he didn't play slide himself.

Depp, who has recorded with Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes in a band called P, said that he did play slide, and the rest is recording history, but Depp's busy schedule posed some recording problems.

So the problem was, he came to London to record it, but he couldn't do it, cause he was doing, I don't know, I can't remember what he was doing at the

time," Noel said of Depp's involvement on the Oasis track. [article id="1448967"]"So we only have it on cassette from this little portable machine we brought along... so the slide guitar solo is actually from, the first part of that song is actually from the tape, and then the bit where the drums come in is from the bit we recorded in the studio." [1.1MB QuickTime][/article]

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