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Scarlett Johansson Will Play A Badass Cyborg In The 'Ghost In The Shell' Live-Action Movie

Now where's that Black Widow solo flick?

Scarlett Johansson can officially add cyborg to her resume. The actress is reportedly suiting up to star in DreamWork's adaptation of the Japanese manga "Ghost in the Shell," according to Variety.

Written and animated by Masamune Shirow, "Ghost In The Shell" follows Public Security Section 9, a counter-cyberterrorist unit, led by the super badass Major Motoko Kusanagi, in a futuristic Japan. Johansson will take on the role of Kusanagi — and anyone who has seen her kick butt in "Lucy" knows she's a perfect fit to play a highly intellectual and physically powerful hacker with awesome hair. (Correction: hair on fleek.)


Scarlett Johansson in Lucy

No release date has been set for "Ghost in the Shell," but "Snow White And The Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders is already on-board to direct. There's also no word on whether Yoko Kanno will reprise her role to compose the music for the film. But "Ghost in the Shell" does have a lot of support from long-time fan — and Dreamworks principal partner — Steven Spielberg, who "Variety" reports has been a huge proponent of bringing the manga to the big screen. If only Spielberg could work his magic on that "Cowboy Bebop" live-action film...

Johannsen is steadily becoming one of Hollywood's most bankable action heroes, thanks to her work as Marvel's Black Widow, as well as last year's surprise hit "Lucy." The action flick grossed over $394 million worldwide.

Hopefully, this casting news will bring Marvel one step closer to greenlighting a Black Widow solo film.